Where to eat

Terkenlis Terkenlis
(+30)2310 271-148

“Terkenlis” patisseries were founded in 1948 and from that time on they are considered a point of reference in Thessaloniki

Athena's Cook Athena's Cook
(+30)210 321-07-90

Athena's Cook is the result of our aspirations, our efforts and our friendship. We wanted to create a place where we would have a great time not only as friends, but as partners too

Choureal - Choux & Profiterole Choureal - Choux & Profiterole
(+30)2310 252-766

«Choureal» is a patisserie with a unique concept, specialized in one beloved desert: the profiterole

Nancy's Sweet Home Nancy's Sweet Home
(+30)210 321-13-23

Located in the Psirri Square for juicy chocolate pies, hellish strawberry pies, southern kazan dipi and kiounefe, mastic creams, syrupy and all the sherbet in the most relaxing and sweet Candy Store in Athens

Loumidis Coffee Shops Loumidis Coffee Shops
(+30)210 321-44-26

Loumidis Coffee Shop is a Greek long-standing love brand of almost 100 years. With strong reference to high quality products and exceptional customer experience

«Akrotiri» «Akrotiri»
(+30)210 985-91-47

The spectacular experience of enjoying a private cape consists of the trademark of that unique proposal

Penarrubia Penarrubia
(+30)210 985-01-18

A trade mark venue of the area, as it remains a standard meeting point for coffee and food

Vive Mar Vive Mar
(+30)210 899-24-53

One of the most popular destinations of the south coast, Vive Mar combines the privileged location to the friendly service

Chatzis Chatzis
(+30)2310 220-898

Since… 1908. We have set up, and for more than 100 years we are creating for you unique tastes and aromas of a different, “sweeter” era

Zorbas Restaurant Zorbas Restaurant
(+30)210 411-16-63

Fresh sea food along with a great sea view…Indulge yourself into the Mediterranean cuisine pleasures by tasting the dish of your choice, carefully prepared by Zorbas’ chef

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