Kastoria shops

Dios Furs
By Lazaros By Lazaros
(+30)24670 212-05

Specialized in the field of design, supervision, control and manufactures luxury high quality products and aesthetics, with fur and leather

Konstantinou Furs Konstantinou Furs
(+30)24670 286-20

All creations of the company «Konstantinou Furs» are manufactured with the highest quality standards of materials and work

Avanti Avanti
(+30)24670 85-900

The company «Avanti», specializing in the fur industry, was founded by Argyris Kranias in 1864 in the greek town of Kastoria

Nitsa Furs Nitsa Furs
(+30)24670 21-355

The highly skilled, dynamic and entrepreneurial experience of owner Athanasios Mitsiadis, has made the company standing between the most qualitative fur companies in Greece

Erton Group Erton Group
(+30)24670 852-03

The company's products focus on the needs and requirements of modern women for which the style is essential

Estel Furs Estel Furs
(+30)24670 829-10

We are a company, that three generations now, combine Greek furs' finest quality with the incomparable Italian style

Exelia Exelia
(+30)210 288-33-14

Discover the perfect complex of EXELIA, including 13 products that combine the wisdom of nature and the latest achievements of science

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