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Pathenonas is a historical village with some beautifully preserved houses of Macedonian architecture that distinguished for its authentic and traditional character. Yet 50 years ago, things were very different as residents abandonded the village in find work in Neos Marmaras and not only, several years later, thanks to the initiaves of the goverment to list it as preserved, did people return to the village.

Parthenonas is a village built on the slopes of Mt. Itamos (Dragoudelis), the main mountain of Sithonia in the altitude of 350 meters.

Parthenonas has been abandoned by 1970 as locals moved into Neos Marmaras. Recently, the village has acquired a new lease of life as many old houses have been restored, preserving the original character of the village, but there are still a few guesthouses, tavernas and a café-bar. The village’s cultural association, the Parthenon, founded in 1985 has established the principle to preserve the local customs and traditions, ensuring the safety of traditional architectural style.

Worth it to see

The Folklore Museum of Parthenonas recently opened its door to guests and offers an interesting collection of folklore items and the distiller of the village that brews the local brandy, tsipouro, a Greek spirit.

An annual one-day event, "the crossing of Dragoudeli" where local people and tourists are walking and riding through Mt. Itamos only to end up in the village where participants are given local treats and tsipouro.

Don’t miss it! - Attend the Parthenon Film Festival that hosts three open-air cinema nights in the central square under the starry sky of Parthenonas!

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