Where to eat in Rhodes

«Argo» restaurant «Argo» restaurant
(+30)22440 514-10

Enjoy eating in one of the most idyllic places on the island. A voyage to a place created especially for you, on the rocks of the picturesque bay of Haraki, Rhodes

Lindos Ice Bar Lindos Ice Bar
(+30)22440 314-91

This unique bar, first seen in Sweden, features walls, tables, and bar made of solid ice. If this cool experience is too much, warm clothing will be provided

Medeast restaurant Lindos Medeast restaurant Lindos
(+30)22440 31-620

Our restaurant uniquely combines Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a variety of music: jazz, fusion, rock music as well as Greek music

Old Kamiros Old Kamiros
(+30)22410 405-00

Paradise place with view of the Aegean Sea, with a sandy beach and spectacular sunsets. Fresh fish and seafood, meat, Greek cuisine, coffee, drinks and desserts

Stefanos Family Restaurant Stefanos Family Restaurant
(+30)22440 315-08

We are a traditional restaurant which operates since 1993, offering daily fresh fish and seafood to its guests

«Hatzifotiou Patisseries» «Hatzifotiou Patisseries»
(+30)23920 911-12

«Hatzifotiou Patisseries» have a history of more than half a century in patisserie and bakery goods. The story started back in 1946 in Xanthi

Taverna «Periklis» Taverna «Periklis»
(+30)22410 858-41

In taverna «Periklis» you will find Greek traditional recipes, fresh fish and local meats, combined with the best quality ingredients

Locos Mexican Restaurant Locos Mexican Restaurant
(+30)22410 966-80

Colourful and bright place with latin music in a specially designed environment to prevail the sense of traditional Mexican and European culture. Unique quality dishes at great prices

«Kastri» restaurant «Kastri» restaurant
(+30)22410 853-81

Since 1978 and for over 35 years «KASTRI» restaurant has earned the reputation that follows it. A family restaurant that has been passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, keeping all the recepies of mama’s alive throughout the years

Hippocampus Hippocampus
(+30)22410 902-06

In «Hippocampus» you will find traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh salads made from organic local products, fresh fish and most important of all in the best prices

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