Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
Luxury seaside resort in Halkidiki
Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
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The name Samothraki derives from the prohellenic word ‘samos’, meaning altitude and ‘Thrace’ and translates as High Thraki.

Samothraki is a place of exceptional natural beauty with wild un-spoilt nature, hidden rocky slopes, rich flora and fauna, plane forests, which often reach the shore, pine trees, chestnut trees, cedars and Mediterranean bushes, an abundance of running water, cataracts, ponds – known locally as ‘vathres’ and enchanting seashores. The water in Samothraki, due to its quality and cleanliness, has been designated one of the 4 best seas in Europe. It is known worldwide thanks to the famous 2.75 metre high ancient Greek statue of Victory, discovered on the island in 1863 and now on show at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Sacred land and unparalleled religious centre in ancient times, it knew undiminished popularity until the 3rd century AD. Well known for the Kaviria Mysteries, to which, as opposed to the Eleusinian Mysteries, freemen, slaves, men and women, both Greeks and foreigners were admitted. It was the first port of call for Paul the Apostle on his first journey in Europe.

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