Peloponnese shops

Hellenic Duty Free Shops Hellenic Duty Free Shops
(+30)210 62-69-400

HELLENIC DUTY FREE SHOPS provide a wide variety of authentic, famous, modern products, at competitive prices. Find a full collection of perfumes & cosmetics of well known brands, clothing, accessories, watches, jewelry

(+30)27440 231-55

Loisir Loisir

Loisir is a Greek Brand of Perideo S.A., that designs, produces and distributes jewellery, watches and fashion accessories, through it’s corporate retail network

Soulis Furs Soulis Furs
(+30)24670 890-05

Soulis Furs is one of the most famous fur brands in Europe. Our factory is located in Kastoria, Greece and employs about 105 furriers with great experience and virtuosity on Greek fur production methods

Anemi Toys Anemi Toys
(+30)2310 474-007

“ANEMI” has a consistent long history and experience in the market of quality game. All products are selected by strict quality and educational value

Ionia Ionia
(+30)210 629-99-11

The favourite brand "Ionia" , with a 40- year history and work experience in the sphere of porcelain, offers in real time complete solutions for home, remaining true to the basic principles of quality and design


Marco Bicego is now one of the Italian jewellery brands most appreciated on the international scene, thanks to its capacity to interpret everyday luxury with a wholly personal vision.

Energiers Energiers

Energiers SA is the largest manufacturer of children clothing in Greece. Here, we strongly believe that our mission is to offer fashionable clothes of excellent quality in fair price

Thallo jewelry Thallo jewelry
(+30)22670 427-86

Our philosophy is to create personalized jewels of high quality in affordable prices. We offer the chance to our customers to design their own unique and personalized, jewelry, wedding wreaths and decorative items

Leather 100 Leather 100
(+30)25210 332-00

Since 1992, the company monitors continuously the latest trends of the international market of leather clothing and offers to its customers, the best clothes and leather products at unbeatable prices

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