Premium Villas

Address: Kalafati, Mykonos

Phone: (+30)210 672-95-19

Premium Villas is the leading source for luxury, modern villas and suites throughout the Greek Islands. We employ customized concierge services for the elite traveller - services that are tailor-made and discreet to accommodate the globe’s most discerning clientele.

Our luxury villas on the beautiful Greek Islands rank among the worlds’ most exclusive and sought-after locations. The legendary and historical backdrop offers a setting that is unmatched for the selective traveller.

Our team has intimate knowledge of the properties, as well as comprehensive expertise in the local landscape. The Premium Villas network of professionals is a notable assimilation of experts in finance, real estate and local infrastructure that ensures the most trouble-free visit.

The accommodations presented by Premium Villas are a wide-ranging set of residences that suit many preferences. These options will help ensure that your stay in Greece becomes a memorable holiday and - as many of our clients do - will have you securing additional reservations soon after.


We believe that planning your holiday with people that have local expertise is the best way to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing stay. Hence, we offer services that are built around local professionals with years of experience in planning, accommodation and execution of high-end, tasteful indulgence.

Premium Villas offers high-quality and customized services to a level of luxury that is beyond the ordinary travel experience. The Premium Villas professionals are a hand-picked network of experts that live and work at the destination. This allows us to provide highest standard of service from beginning to end.

Each client has their unique needs and wishes tended to by our group of organized experts. Premium Villas has based the service model around a wide-range of offerings that ensure comfort and pleasure.

Clients may select from services listed or can request custom services from the Premium Villas experts.

  • Restaurant reservation
  • In-house private chef services
  • Yacht & boat charters
  • Guided tours to historical &cultural sites
  • Massage & beauty treatments
  • Personal trainer
  • Childcare
  • Housekeeping
  • Local fresh food shopping
  • Activity planning
  • Airport transfers
  • Car hire
  • Weddings, events and larger parties