Sunday Times, polled its readership about the best beaches in Europe. They came up with the 50 best Beaches in Europe, and 11 of them in Greece
Spyros Galinos, mayor of Lesvos, was co-winner of the 2016 Olaf Palme Prize along with Giusi Nicolini, mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Italy
Austrians chose Greece as their number one place for holidays for medium distance destinations in 2017, while bookings for trips abroad increased by 30%
The National Museum of Modern Art in Athens has caught the attention of the media. Various publications list it as one of the top destinations for those who follow the art world
An iPhone 7 ad shows a girl visiting her grandmother's village in Greece and how the whole village wants to get in on the act as the girl takes a portrait of her "Yia-yia"
Travel and Leisure, a travel magazine with 4.8 million readers, has recently cited Skopelos, The Sporades, as one of the world's best "hidden islands"
The city of Paphos has been blessed with a modern honorific: This beautiful old city on the west coast of Cyprus is slated to be Europe's Cultural Capital for 2017
The London Daily Telegraph has chosen the Greek islands as one of the top seven destinations for families with small children
The sky of Thessaloniki will be illuminated by about 3,000 fireworks throughout the city. The extravaganza will last 8 minutes, beginning at the Aristotle Square
The house of Santa Claus has been erected at the historic building of the Boy Scouts next to Thessaloniki City Hall. It is a Christmas children's museum full of toys
It's a historic event to all of Christendom as the transport of the sacred relics of Saint Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, and part of the True Cross
Thessaloniki is famous for both the variety and quality of her cuisine, with its hotels presenting the kind of food that will remind you that you are at a crossroads of East and West
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