There will be no ferry service throughout Greece on May 1, as members of the Pan-Hellenic Seaman's Federation will be on a 24-hour strike
The EU Prize For Literature recognizes the talents of up-and-coming authors across Europe. The 12 winners will each receive a prize of €5,000 euros
George Trivizas, president of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Tourism says that Greece can expect a rise in American tourists and tourist dollars over last year
As part of the process of uniting St. Petersburg and the Municipality of Aristotelis as sister regions a delegation arrived in Halkidiki from the Russian city on April 20th
April 19-23 are the dates of the International Practical Forum hosted by the Mouzenidis Group, which has invited the 100 best Russian travel network, Latvian, and Belarusian travel agencies
The final leg of the Olympia Odos, the 4-lane from Athens to Patras, was opened on April 11, cutting the travel time between the two cities 210 km apart to one hour, forty minutes
Fraport, a German airport operator, began the first day of a projected 40-year contract to manage 14 regional Greek airports on April 11
A survey by the Thessaloniki Hotels Association (THA) and a consulting firm was presented this week at the Holiday Inn Thessaloniki
Ellinair was honored with a "water salute" on the occasion of Ellinair's maiden flight from Cologne to Thessaloniki
Abandoned buildings, blank, featureless walls are brought to life with street art which gives these surfaces life in modern Athens
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras opened the Tembi Tunnel on Thursday, April 6, just in time for the heavy traffic expected during the week before Easter
Greece's winners of the Europa Nostra Awards were the Bastion of the Grand Master's Palace in Rhodes, and ancient Karthala on the island of Kea
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