It all started in a pharmacy 37 years ago.

To this day we continue to promote beauty in a unique way.

Back in 1972, the founders, two young pharmacists, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, were inspired by the bee society, Greek nature and Hippocrates’ holistic approach to health, beauty and wellbeing. They created their first personal care products in their pharmacy with propolis, honey, royal jelly, plant extracts and essential oils. Today, after all these years, still inspired by the same things, still baring the same passion, they have created a company with strong philosophy, values, social responsibility, tradition and innovation, a sustainable business that promotes an ethical and greener way of thinking, living and business.

The company manufactures cosmetics from bee products and plants indigenous to Greek nature. The plants and bees are grown locally from organic and sustainably managed sources with respect to biodiversity, enhancing local agriculture. APIVITA has a range of over 300 natural beauty care products for the hair, the face and the body, all with clinically proven efficacy.  

The company and its products are present in pharmacies as well as in stores, department stores, malls, beauty shops, and the internet via e-commerce. At the same time, APIVITA offers innovative SPA therapies based on the Hippocratic philosophy, essential oils and the Mediterranean diet.

The passion and vision of APIVITA are embraced in 14 countries around the world, in Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Romania, Hong-Kong, Japan, Australia, USA, Ukraine, UK, and Bulgaria, etc.

Since the beginning of 2013 the company moved in new bioclimatic premises in Attica, Greece.  Production, scientific research, product development, offices but also  beehives and  botanic gardens buzz together under the same roof. It is built with the most recent bioclimatic and environment- friendly methods, using ecological- natural and recyclable materials, systems for natural resources management, green roofs, state of the art water and waste treatment facilities, geothermal infrastructure, photovoltaics, all aiming to the reduction of the ecological  footprint. 

In Athens, Madrid, Amsterdam, Nicosia  and Kiev APIVITA introduces a retail innovation, ΤΗE APIVITA EXPERIENCE STOREs  and invites everyone to try a unique personal experience that aims to stimulate all five senses, offering SPA and/or haircare services.

Address: Points of sales: Pharmacies, Hondos Center, Attica Care Lab

Phone: (+30)2310 946-280