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Cafe Aithrio at Yedikule

Hard-up against the ancient stones of Eptapirgo Castle is the tree-shaded Café Aithrio at Yedikule- a quiet oasis brimming with history and offering great music, cool drinks, and unforgettably tasty meze.

In the shade of Eptapirgio Castle, the “Atrium” began to operate in the spring of 1993

The history of the place, beginning in the early 20th century when it was a stone cafe, was the motivation for the owners to create this warm meeting place.

Until 1912 prison guards where drinking coffee here with their guests, what had to wear a hat before entering the building.

On the wall of the current bar, with our selected wines, net drinks and collection of bronze openers, there were shelves with hats what visitors could rent.

Today the cafe, after much work and continuous improvement, hosts you to give you your own intimate space.

Address: 7 Dim. Tzahila Str, Thessaloniki 546 30, Macedonia

Phone: (+30) 2310 245-981

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