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MANZARIS GROUP S.A. is active in the manufacture and sale of women’s fur clothing and accessories. Founded in 1991, the company has risen steadily and emerged as one of the most important and fast-growing companies in the sector.

The company’s dedication to quality and its perfectionism have over the years built it a reputation that goes beyond Greece’s borders, giving it recognition on a global level.

The company is based in Agia Kyriaki Kaloneriou, in Siatista, Greece, at a 2,500 square meter company-owned facility that includes the management, manufacturing/production, design, pattern production and laundry/dry-cleaning departments, as well as show rooms.


The company designs and manufactures the “Casiani, Luxury Furs” collection. The same philosophy is applied to both design and manufacture: High aesthetic, high-quality raw materials, high-quality construction. The result? Timeless, elegant creations for women "of no certain age"


Auctions in the U.S. (ALC), Canada (NAFA), Denmark (KOPENHAGEN FUR AUCTION), Finland (SAGA FURS OYJ) and Saint Petersburg (SOJUZPUSHNINA) are the main providers of high-quality raw materials. Subsequently, processing and dyeing is undertaken by specialized dye works and tanneries, contributing to the excellent results of every collection. Materials used include farmed mink, fox, chinchilla and swakara, as well as wild mink, sable, cat lynx.


The company has developed its sales network with company-owned and collaborating outlets for wholesale and retail on the international market, thus making "Casiani, Luxury Furs" available at the most popular shopping venues. The company exports its products to Russia, the UAE, the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.


The comparative advantage of the company is a combination of high-level know-how and high-quality raw materials, manufacture, design and after sales service. Continuing its success story, the company aims to maintain its products’ high standard of quality. Among its immediate goals is to penetrate the fur-farming sector (by establishing farms in the wider area of the Kozani-Kastoria prefecture) and vertically integrate its production.

Address: Showroom in Kastoria, shop in Enigma Mall

Phone: (+30) 24670 891-90


Casiani - Crete

Komvos Kasteliou, Limenas Hersonissos 700 14, Crete
(+30) 6945 791-703

Casiani - Rhodes

7km. Rhodes - Kallitheas, Rhodes 851 05
(+30) 6944 813-363

Casiani - Katerini

13 Nikis Str, Paralia Katerinis, Pieria 601 00
(+30) 23510 640-05

Casiani - Kastoria

Ambelokipi, Kastoria 520 57
(+30) 24650 710-54

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