Women's Clothing

Marie Doré
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@Soho @Soho
(+30)2810 244-900

One of the most fresh and stylish stores you have ever seen. Our stuff knows well how to help you to find the right choice for you or your beloved, always with big smiles

Casual Casual
(+30)2310 224-277

Operating since 1997, we distinguish the excellent quality and that's why we offer clothes made in Greece for very low prices...

Gerania Gerania
(+30)2310 227-703

In this spring desirable combinations of colours, impressive patterns and unique textures of fabrics will dominate through your clothes

Happy Sizes Happy Sizes
(+30)2310 222-747

Our three shops specialize in extraordinaire Fashion that embraces the female body in the latest fashion styles and make women feel unique

Kavazi Maria - La Ronde Kavazi Maria - La Ronde
(+30)2310 229-332

The Parisian beauty catwalk is now accessible to every woman in the big fashion show room of Maria Kavazi, in the heart of Thessaloniki

Macacao Macacao
(+30)23750 770-00 вн.(6104)

We invite you to discover our unique collections created by designers with fresh ideas, amazing talent who choose to innovate

(+30)26610 357-65

We have made the best effort so as whatever chooses a woman here, to be diachronic through the time, making her distinguish with the best impression from her surroundings

MoMart boutique MoMart boutique
(+30)2313 044-456

In the east part of the center of Thessaloniki, the fashion designer Thomis Papadimitriou, created a minimal place with barok tips , where she exhibits all the collections that she creates!

Kelly's Kelly's

In our stores you can find the most fashionable clothes, the most chic bags and the widest range of shoes all at low cost ...

ZIC ZAC boutiques ZIC ZAC boutiques

The combination of femininity, quality and affordability has rightly placed ZIC ZAC to one of the top positions as a successful purely Greek small-scale manufacturing company

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