Municipal Market of Kavala

One building,dozens of choices

At one of the most central points of Kavala, in G. Papandreou Square, the Municipal Market of Kavala has been housed since 1992 in a five-floor, privately owned building.

One visit alone will convince you that a modern and organised space, which offers you the comfort of parking your car easily, quickly and safely in its specially-built car park, can preserve the traditional atmosphere of an open-air market…

Aisles as far as the eye can see, in which the goods on sale in the stalls are displayed with perfect geometry, creating a pleasing mosaic that will tempt you to discover something new and different, such as surprising new flavours that will soon become a habit.

Here you will find: fishmongers, butchers, supermarkets and a variety of greengrocers, shops selling food, drinks, salads, nuts and confectionery, as well as electrical goods, wedding gifts, shoes and clothes, gardening equipment and flowers. On the same floor are the Municipal Bookbindery and cashiers where you can pay your electricity and water bills.

A space, then, that can cover most of your daily needs in just one hour!

Address: G. Papandreou Square, Kavala, 654 04, Macedonia

Phone: (+30)2510 831-388