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Portes Lithos Luxury Resort

Dive World

Let's go diving with DIVE WORLD SCUBA CENTER, the best diving school in Pieria!

Our primary concern at DIVE WORLD is to guide you safely through the underwater world. Quality scuba education at DiveWorld is our strength! Scuba Diving with us will be an unforgettable experience! 

We offer relaxed and enjoyable training for our guests and special diving courses in scuba diving for kids from 7 to 13 years old! In each child will be offered a junior scuba diving diploma. We guarantee an optimum of safety during scuba diving.

Our location is at Plaka Litochoro beach, the best place for scuba diving in Pieria! With us you will have for free underwater photos.  From your first dive you will receive a memorabilia scuba diving diploma! Respecting the environment, we are focused on sustainable development. We train our staff in safety, health and environmental matters. There are available minibuses in order to transfer divers from their travel agency directly to our diving school and back.

Address: Plaka Litochoro, Pieria

Phone: (+30)6977 286-436

10% discount with Grekomania Club Card