Cana Pharmaceutical Laboratories 

Since its founding in 1928, Cana Pharmaceutical Laboratories, a Greek company, has been producing and distributing a broad range of health and beauty products for the Greek market with reliability and an acute sense of responsibility, as a trusted partner of major global pharmaceutical firms. 

Cana Pharmaceutical Laboratories owns production lines manufacturing high-quality products to stringent standards. Its Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Services, Clinical Trials, and Compliance departments check and certify that Cana manufactures and distributes reliable, high quality products. 

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The perfect combination of nature and science.


A new range of skin care cosmetics with organic olive oil and scientifically advanced ingredients.

The new EXELIA line

Cana created the EXELIA skin care and treatment series by combining our deep knowledge of Science with the wisdom of Nature. The series comprises dermatologically tested cosmetic products based on organic olive oil and enriched with nutrients essential in catering for your skin’s needs. 

EXELIA products are developed and produced in conformance with European Union regulations for cosmetics, and undergo strict laboratory tests to certify their safety and effectiveness. 

Parabens free - Allergens free - Dermatologically tested. 

EXELIA, with organic olive oil 

EXELIA cosmetics make the most of olive oil in a formula that delivers excellent results. 

At Cana Laboratories we preserve all the valuable nutrients of organic olive oil by having designed a formula that makes them even more effective skin care agents. Our response to your complexion’s needs for care is to treat natural ingredients in the most advanced way possible. 

Organic olive oil is rich in polyphenols, hence its potency as an antioxidant. It protects from the free radicals caused by exposure to sun and air pollution, significantly slowing down the skin ageing process.

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