Grekodom Development

Grekodom Development company (formerly Mouzenidis Real Estate) is part of Mouzenidis Group holdings, which activates in the Greek market since 1995. During many years of successful work, it remains one of the leading names in the residential and commercial real estate in Greece, as well as synonymous with reliability, highest standards of quality and customer-oriented approach to work.

The company, based on the experience, opportunities, reliability, stability and permanence of the quality of services, introduces a new variety of offers and services by implementing development projects. Furthermore, Grekodom Development, whose employees are highly trained specialists with years of experience, has its own production and material-technical base, which can significantly reduce the cost of construction, as well as clearly withstand time commissioning of facilities.

Customers of Grekodom Development, in addition to traditional transactions involving the sale or lease of real estate, access to services, includes full legal support for individuals and legal entities, registration of all necessary documents and a residence permit.

The company offers its customers a wide range of real estate options, ranging from small studio apartments cost from 35,000€ to exclusive villas on the coast:

  • Architectural design of residential and business complexes
  • Construction of any complexity on the model and individual projects (from small houses and cottages to large hotel complexes), using the most advanced technologies and materials;
  • Integrated investment program
  • Development of business plans for commercial and investment projects
  • Property management 
  • Continuous security of various objects
  • After-sales service of real estate, etc.

The company's customers, who purchase property in Greece, are issued a discount card with privilege of discounts on airline tickets, car rental and services of the VIP room of the airport "Macedonia" Thessaloniki.

Today, the cost of real estate in Greece is lower than in many other European countries. For Russian citizens, Greece is one of the most attractive countries in terms of capital investment. The number of Russians who want to buy property in Greece, amounts to 80% of foreign buyers.

The aspiration of visiting Greece and living here can be explained by a number of reasons:

  • The most beautiful and clean beaches in Europe
  • Sunny days - 300 days a year
  • Ability to combine holidays with excursions to historical sites
  • Frequent air flights from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union during the year
  • High standards of security
  • Free first aid provision

Grekodom Development company has high standards and commitment to the principles and interests of clients taking into consideration the needs of investors.

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Our offices:

Grekodom - Thessaloniki

Karatasou 7, P.C. 54626, Centre

Tel.: (+30) 2310 591-431

         (+30) 6979 720-088 

Grekodom - Athens

Filellinon 26, P.C. 10557, Centre

Tel.: (+30) 210 331-75-42

         (+30) 210 331-79-53 

Grekodom - Chalkidiki

Meg. Alexandrou & Kassandrou corner, Kallithea, P.C. 54626

Tel.: (+30) 23740 20-444

Fax: (+30) 23740 20-445 

Grekodom - Crete

Ikarou 94, Heraklion, P.C. 71601

Tel.: (+30) 2810 331-581

         (+30) 2810 331-581-7 (7 lines) 

Grekodom - Moscow

Bolshaya Polyanka 15, Moscow

Tel.: (+7) 495 627-38-88

Address: 7 Karatasou St., 54626 Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 591-431

(+7)495 627-38-88

All offices

Grekodom - Thessaloniki
14th km. Thessaloniki-Michaniona, 570 01
(+30)2310 591-431
    (+30)6979 720-088

Grekodom - Kallithea
Megalou Alexandrou & Kassandrou str., Kallithea 54626, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 20-444