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Enjoy the true Greek hospitality at luxury hotels and villas, located in the most beautiful corners of Greece.

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Address: Afytos 63077, Chalkidiki

Phone: (+30)23740 912-21

Soft furnishings, Beach towels, Bathrobes, Sarong, Scarfs,

Beachwear, Beach bags, Handmade sandals

Home items, picture frames, Lanterns, Souvenirs &. Gifts

Natural products based on olive oil and high quality extracts of herbs from the Greek land

Curtains, Panel curtains, Curtain rods ITrack systems, Wallpapers, Carpets L rugs

Kosmein combines all the inspiration, products and ideas you need to bring your home to life also partnering with qualified and fully insured decorators.

Kosmein - Afytos
Afytos, 63077, Halkidiki
(+30)23740 912-21

Kosmein - Enigma Mall
Enigma Mall, Nea Moudania, Halkidiki