Lemonis bakery

Address: 5 bakeries in Chalkidiki

Who we are

We are Giannis and Michalis Lemonis.

Born and raised in Paliouri, in Kassanda of Chalkidiki. Our father's bakery, Lemonis Lemonis, in Paliouri is where we grew up. We stayed and worked in our birthplace.

When the time came, we became the second generation of bakers developing our father's bakery into a modern and growing chain of stores.

We work diligently for what we love: our land and Greek diet.

We expanded our business here, in Chalkidiki.

In Paliouri, Pefkochori, Chanioti, Polychrono, Kallithea.

And we keep growing.

Vision & Mission

We strongly believe that business integrity is the only way to a healthy development.

We invest based on this vision.

Our mission:

  • to promote, develop and utilize Greek and local natural and human resources
  • to cater the nutrition and gustatory satisfaction of our customers
  • to enhance the positive tourism experience for visitors of Chalkidiki.

All bakeries

Lemonis bakery - Chanioti
Chanioti, Kassandra, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 212-70

Lemonis bakery - Pefkochori
Pefkochori, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 207-30

Lemonis bakery - Paliouri
Paliouri, Kassandra, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 922-87

Lemonis bakery - Polichrono
Polichrono, Kassandra, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 527-40

Lemonis bakery - Kalithea
Kalithea, Chalkidiki
(+30)23740 220-01