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Rocabella Santorini, Imerovigli
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Macrovita Olive.elia

The company

Established in 1984, MACROVITA designs, formulates, develops, produces and trades the homonymous natural cosmetics based on sophisticated combinations of vegetable oils or plant extracts, bee origin substances and natural vitamins. The first cosmetics containing olive oil as an active ingredient, presented in 1998, were MACROVITA products. Since then, improved and increased, are sold exclusively through pharmacies and organic stores in Greece, while can also be found in several countries abroad.

In 2006, in order to satisfy some specialized needs of the traditional products market, MACROVITA created a new line of natural, olive oil based beauty care products under the trademark MACROVITA-OLIVE·ELIA, strictly maintaining the well-known standards of high quality and reliability.


Natural cosmetics with organic olive oil

Historical researchers claim that man's first use of olive oil was, in all probability, cosmetic. Its astonishing dietary qualities were discovered much later. The knowledge of the exceptional cosmetic properties of olive oil was accumulated over the passage of centuries and in our age has been transformed into scientific fact. Olive oil contains gallic acid tanning, irridoids, flavonoids, sugars and polyphenols that have an intensive antioxidant, anti-ageing, emollient, hydrating, firming and anti-inflammatory effect on the human skin. Thus, olive oil has proven to be an effective multipurpose agent for the creation of high quality cosmetic products. The range of natural cosmetics OLIVE·ELIA by MACROVITA combines extra virgin organic olive oil with many other organic substances and vitamins that are beneficial to the skin, to offer the ideal natural care for the face, body and hair.

Olive & Argan

Natural cosmetics with organic argan oil  & organic olive oil

The use of Moroccan Argan Oil in the south Mediterranean coast as well as that of Olive Oil in the north concealed, for many centuries, the precious secrets of Mediterranean skin care. Nowadays, advanced scientific research has revealed that these wonderful natural products contain an abundance of very strong antioxidant and cosmetic agents: terpenoids, carotenoids, iridoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, sugars, vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. MACROVITA Olive & Argan cosmetic product line perfectly combines these active organic agents, which complement each other, to provide skin hydration and nourishment, further to wrinkle reduction, tightening and protection from the factors that cause premature ageing. Thanks to MACROVITA, the precious hidden secrets of Mediterranean beauty now belong to everyone. Absolute age defense is achieved with the new generation of Olive & Argan products! Enriched with enhanced hyaluronic acid, Argan stem cells, as well as moisturizing and anti-pollution agents, they offer deep and long-lasting hydration, protecting from the ravages of time in addition to the adverse environmental influences, and enhance skin stem cells in a natural way, thus maintaining the skin visibly youthful, firm and shiny.

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