Our 30 year old experience in food service industry helps us understand the traveler’s needs. As a result, we built a place of total area 1100 sq. m. in Larissa, at Agia interchange on the road from Athens to Thessaloniki, exit Larissa 2 (Agia interchange) and on the road from Thessaloniki to Athens exit Larissa 3 (Agia interchange). Its unique interior style gives the impression of a modern food service and recreation complex following the standards of the big European motorways Rest and Service Areas. It has been designed in order to offer parking facilities and cover all the travelers’ needs that may arise during their travel. It has a total seating capacity of up to 500 travelers.

In our restaurant you can find a variety of Greek traditional food and other dishes covering almost any traveler’s needs. Our dishes are cooked everyday and we are always using fresh materials in order to make our dishes have a really delicious taste.

In our cafeteria the travelers can taste well-known brands of coffee, freshly made fruit juices, soft drinks as well as a variety of snacks such as puff pastry pies, cold sandwiches and toasts that we prepare on a daily basis.

Market - Souvenirs
There is also a convenience store for travelers’ last minute shopping. You can buy either souvenirs or any snack you prefer and may need during your journey. You can also find traditional Greek products, such as honey sesame candy bars (pasteli), other confections (loukoumi, halvas) and nougats (mantolato, etc.)

Parking facilities are unlimited, offering both long distance buses and traveler’s cars a place to park their vehicles. There are also routes of Larissa urban bus services to and from the city center frequently.

Address: Larisa 41500, Thessaly

Phone: (+30)2410 571-602