Fenia Mantziari Optics Fenia Mantziari Optics
(+30)2310 278-781

In «MANTZIARI OPTICS», located in the center of Thessaloniki, you will find a wide range of sunglasses of famous brands at very attractive prices.

OptikonXpress OptikonXpress
(+30)2310 534-031

In optical shop «OptikonXpress» located in the center of Thessaloniki, you will find a collection of well-known brands - such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Porsche, Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Dior and many others.

Optomania Optomania
(+30)23740 31-220

In our stores you will find a rich equipment for optics as also sun-glasses of the best trademarks of Europe

Galanis Optics Galanis Optics
(+30)2310 224-473

In optics shop "Galanis" in Thessaloniki you can find the new collections of the most popular luxury sunglasses brands.

Tarasoudis Tarasoudis
(+30)2310 276-487

"Tarasoudis" - is a "an oasis of glasses", where even the most demanding and "difficult" clients find for themselves what suits them

The Eye Gallery The Eye Gallery
(+30)2310 275-568

Combining the optimal quality with the best prices, “THE EYE GALLERY” offers to its customers the best service in order to see the world differently…!

Optotypo Optotypo
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(+30)23730 23-565

In a friendly and modern environment, eyewear and sunglasses of excellent quality are offered, as well as all kinds of contact lenses, frames, crystals, and cleaning liquid materials.

«Kentro orasis» optics «Kentro orasis» optics
(+30)23730 222-53

In our shop you will find a large variety of spectacle frames and sunglasses for men and women, and all the brands for children sunglasses and frames

Lemonis optics Lemonis optics
(+30)23750 230-75

In «Lemonis optics» awaits you a wide selection of glasses of well-known brands which collections are constantly updated

Zohios optics Zohios optics
(+30)26610 391-89

Our trained and experienced personnel combined with our personal care and supervision provide a first-class service to our customers

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