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Ouzeri «To Genti»

Regarding taste, we could discuss for hours and suggest dishes and have you filled just by reading the menu. Instead, we invite you to come over and try our dishes yourselves, if you are lucky and there is some food left...!

But, let's get serious. Our dishes are made of greek, traditional and fresh ingredients. We suggest you taste the fresh, good smelling, grilled mushrooms and the green salads cut straight out of our garden. The meat is cooked in traditional clay pots. Moreover, the cheese comes from the finest parts of Greece: Crete, Metsovo, Chalkidiki, and Cyprus. 
In addition, we should not forget to mention about the offered Aegean fish. No matter if they are big or small, if they have a shell or not, their taste is extravagant.

For desert a lot of greek traditional surprises will be served.

Our Samali, karidopita, halvas and kidoni are all handmade pastry of fresh wholesome ingredients.

Greek coffee is also offered, straight from the coffeepot served along with gliko koutaliou...

Last, but not least, more dishes coming up.... but as surprise! Well, how about it? 

Address: 13 I. Papareska Str, Eptapyrgio, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30) 2310 246-495

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