Our pharmacy offers a wide range of cosmetic creams, from leading brand companies, such as Apivita, Vichy products, Korres, Avene, Frezyderm, Froika, MACROVITA, Fito +, Solgar, Health Aid, Vitabiotics, Weleda, of Roche and many others. Available in herbs and oils, tinctures, herbal creams, products based on aloe and propolis, drug firms Heel and Guna, childhood vaccinations, baby food, sunscreen.

Making preparations for bioresonant therapy (RCP), both by standard and according to individual prescriptions. After the interview, and based upon diagnosis of the patient's health and condition, an individual drug is then prepared for this patient, which can then be modified, based on the dynamics of the patient's condition.

We also prepare to common drugs:

  • To improve memory
  • For strengthening hair and nails
  • For body detoxification, excretion of salts and heavy metals; normalization of liver function and kidney stones dissolving.
  • For the relief of symptoms associated with menopause
  • Against allergies, psoriasis, eczema
  • Phlebitis; insomnia
  • From various phobias, stress and depression
  • For diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Prescription for people who are actively involved in sports
  • To normalize cholesterol levels
  • To improve metabolism and weight loss
  • To facilitate intoxication in pregnant women
  • For healing and rejuvenation of the body. 

The pharmacy offers drugs that quickly eliminate symptoms of the flu. On sale is a unique product, which guarantees you a fast and reliable way to quit smoking, as well as restore your metabolism after quitting.

Prescriptions are delivered with courier throughout Greece within 24 hours (except for some islands which may take longer), as well as sending our products around the world. We can pick up European counterparts of Russian medicines. We can help to find the corresponding line of Russian drugs under another name circulated in the Greek / European market.

Consultation and orders can be carried out also via Viber: +30-697-785-9617

Address: 220 Lykourgou Str, Kallithea 17675, Athens

Phone: (+30)210 959-5091