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Pharmaid is a Greek dynamically growing company cosmetic products mainly based in ingredients of the Greek nature. Prominent among them, of course has the organic olive oil.

All products are the result of years of research in modern laboratories by expert technicians and cosmeticians, combining harmony with the excellent properties of the components of Greek nature, with the latest developments in the science of cosmetics. Particular emphasis is given to effectiveness of products and safety. Our products does not contain preservatives like parabens, silicone, mineral oils.


The main components of the series ''Athena's Treasures'' are the organic olive oil and the organic extract of olive leaves. This rich series consists body creams, hair care products, products of aromatherapy, facial creams, hand - legs cream, showergels and men's products. Below you can click on the categories and have a llok at each product separately.

In ancient Greece, women were using extra virgin olive oil as a cosmetic facials. As shown, the ancient Greeks knew very well what they do. Olive oil in addition to the fact that it is a 100% natural product (perhaps one of the few products that are truly 100% natural) has moisturizing properties, is hypoallergenic, and is also a powerful antioxidant. Contains vitamins A and E, helps to revitalize and renew the skin, as well as helps to regenerate skin that has suffered problems from solar radiation and air pollution. Antioxidants containing olive oil, have the natural ability to induce the skin cells and cause them to return to a more stable, smooth and healthy condition.


The series ''Aloe Treasures'' based on versatile activity of aloe because of its rich content in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes & Saccharides. Active Aloe used in all products in the range, in addition to organic cultivation, isolated with special treatment that guarantees the biological action and not only its chemical structure. In this way is achieved a 30% increased cell renewal with respect to the normal aloe.


The new line of care and beauty of Pharmaid  “Argan treasures”,  is a product of research and development of Greek cosmetologists which, incorporate  the beneficial properties of the organic oil “argan” and  the traditional Greek organic olive oil.

This range consists of care products for the face,  body, hair, hands and feet, and specific products for the eyes and lips.

It also includes anti-wrinkle products with a lifting and botox- like effect, for safe use, without aesthetic surgery. The traditional oils of the Mediterranean nature, are combined harmonically with the pioneering achievements of modern cosmetology like argan stem cells, the bio-technical anti-wrinkle ameliox and the drastic dipeptide calmosensine.

The argan oil, which is widely known for its powerful restorative and anti-aging action, is the secret of care for the face, body and hair. It is produced from the core of the seeds of the argan tree which grows in Morocco. Argan oil is produced using mainly traditional methods and is a time-consuming process.

Every stone has to be opened so as to obtain the seeds. It is said that for every litre of this oil, 20 hours of manual labour are required.

The women of this area , have been using it for hundreds of years, for the daily care of their face and body, and the caring of dry skin. However, its anti-aging properties are the reason why it has become so popular lately in the west.

The secret is its high concentration of fatty acids (80%). In addition, it constitutes one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E whilst containing powerful antioxidant substances, which neutralize, the harmful for the skin, free radicals.


The Sun Oils of ''Dream Tan'' Series was created especially to make skin fast and uniform tan. Their composition have balance between modern waterproof sunscreen UV filters, protects from the harmful effects of solar radiation (burns and destruction of cell membranes) while oils like carrot, olive or coconut and particularly herbal ingredient TANAMI, can maintain and prolong the tan.


Finally the series of pharmaceutical products ''Pharmaid'' was the first series of the company and addressed exclusively in pharmacies. With the passage of time cruelly and creating four even new series (1 of Sunscreens & three of cosmetics) turned more in the tourist markets, for the huge potential of the Branches and the rapid growth of tourism.

The series ''Pharmaid'' includes heat creams, alcoholic lotion, anti-mosquito, antiseptic, moisturizing facial, sunscreen lips, deodorant body cream, candies, product for sunburn and the unique product against allergies AllergAid.

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