Nick Seidaridis (Sofinis)
Nick Seidaridis (Sofinis) Nick Seidaridis (Sofinis)
(+30)6972 150-171

Through my long-lasting way in the space of photography, I learned to respect and to appreciate your confidence.

Photo Krystal Photo Krystal
(+30)2310 301-745

My love for photography, imagination and creativity, αre some of the elements that characterize my job

Iosifina Photography Iosifina Photography
(+30)2310 244-074

Our passion for the art of photography and our trust-based relationship with our customers, has established myself and my associates as one of the most creative and innovative groups, focused on quality and the endless sides of human expression.

Meis Photography Meis Photography
(+30)2310 708-354

The Meis studio team consists of professional photographers, operators, editors and graphics designers aiming at covering all modern needs and achieving a perfect result

Snapshot Photography Snapshot Photography
(+30)2314 016-745

The image making of your wedding or christening abides by high aesthetic criteria, narrating the story of your unique day andcapturing scenes and feelings that last for ever

Apix Photography Apix Photography
(+30)6948 944-466

Natural colors, soft tones, combined with proficient and skillful retouching - photos that will be a unique decoration for your family album!

Seferidis Antonis Seferidis Antonis
(+30)2310 759-206

Making the camera lenses true emotions mirror, is my way to “say” each wedding story, for more than 15 years.

Light and Dark Studio Light and Dark Studio
(+30)6951 661-016

Professional photography studio in Greece, team of photographers, videography, stylists, makeup artists, bridal consultants