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Restaurant Platanos:

Use all your senses to sample dishes made with wholesome ingredients according to traditional secret recipes that the restaurant chef has safeguarded with great attention and respect, ready to satisfy your every gastronomical desire! We revived an old cooking technique, the tandoori, in order to harmonize the first pleasure of life - taste - with the philosophy of the entire complex.

Tandoori is a type of subterranean oven, where food is slowly cooked for many hours, keeping all its nutritional qualities and, more importantly, its full flavor.

Tandoori lamb, vegetables with meat, chickpeas with beef, mezedes for ouzo and salads made with fresh vegetables are just some of the dishes that you can sample at AKRITAS Restaurant.

Going back to yester years...

The staff at AKRITAS restaurant promises you unique dishes, impeccable service and, above all, a hospitable atmosphere, ensuring that your lunch or dinner becomes an unforgettable experience.


Following the hidden path,you will arrive at the cellar of Akritas Ef Zin complex, where a pleasant surprise awaits you! 
A wide range of wine labels is at your disposal; at the last count there were 980 labels! 
120 producers of the most renowned wineries from various parts of Greece are our suppliers for this feast of flavor!

Gourmet Lithinoi:

Enjoy gastronomical creations
Savour excellent old wine
Enjoy the view, the sunset...
What else could the owner, who inspired the creation of this complex, do but urge you to enjoy every moment and allow yourself to realize your dreams. Providing you with unforgettable moments, AKRITAS EF ZIN offers you gourmet flavors and an enchanting view. 
People and life are the most important things – so taste, make merry, enjoy...using all your senses, experience the beauty that nature offers us so generously!

4th km. Paliouri - Agia Paraskevi road, Chalkidiki

(+30) 23743 004-05

Portes Lithos Luxury Resort. Nea Potidea, Halkidiki
Luxury holidays in Halkidiki, at Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
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