Polis hammam

Address: Karamanli str. 40, Kalamaria 55134, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 488-216

With respect to the tradition of authentic Turkish Hamam, we create a space that travels you back in time, but it is adapted to all amenities and comforts, we ask today. 

For us, body care and mental relaxation is always given in combination with cleanliness, professionalism and sense of hospitality. 

Now you do not have to go to turkey for your turkish bath!

The POLIS HAMAM works in Thessaloniki (str. K.karamanli 40A - Kalamaria)

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What the Traditional Turkish Hammam is

The original traditional Turkish hammam, has nothing to do with modern steam rooms (steam baths), presented as hammam, because at these dominate the hot steam. The Hammam, or Turkish bath, combine the functionality and advantages of the Roman baths and Byzantine to the Ottoman tradition of bathing-cleaning.

In Turkish hammam, sweating becomes pleasantly and gradually, without feeling discomfort. Thus, the body slowly eliminates all toxins, accepts its beneficial heat to cure and simultaneously given time in the brain to release all of endorphins, that empty body and soul, from fatigue and stress.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the Hammam, with its "Wet heat " offers clean, relaxing, wellness.Balance the mind and body. The mild heat (37-420C) expands blood vessels and increases circulation.

The warm vapors help even the throat,respiratory system and lungs. Calms the nervous system. Leave fatigue, tension, stress of everyday life. 

Reduce discomfort from musculoskeletal problems, relieve muscles and joints, improves sleep quality. With profuse sweating opens the pores of the skin and is expelled toxins.It is beneficial and enjoyable throughout the year. Offers health and wellness.

Our services do not stop here

You can combine the Hammam with a delightful variety of : Massage Servicesand even with some our refreshing : Face & Body Care Servicesand great : Deals - Packages - Combinational Services 
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  • Hosted loved ones and your guests
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