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«Mourayo» restaurant

by Grekomania

There is only one place in Spetses than can be labeled as an all-times-classic, and this is undoubtedly “Mourayo”…In a 19th century’s building which used to be a munitions- storehouse, “Mourayo Bar / Restaurant” keeps on the tradition by setting the nightlife of Spetses on fire!

The owner, Manolis Syrmas, as the grand-grand-grand child of an authentic Greek Revolution’s Fighter, knows exactly how to create a party atmosphere!

“Mourayo Bar / Restaurant” is open since 1975 and it's the reason that the area of the Old Harbor in Spetses is traditionally the ideal place for intent nightlife. Every visitor of Spetses will choose Mourayo, to start his evening and most probably will continue and finish it there!

The place is divided in two spaces. There is a magnificent large-open veranda, right on the sea, where cozy armchairs with soft cushions, put around luxuriously decorated tables, await to comfort those who choose to have a drink or dinner. It would be a disaster not to mention that the “Mourayo Bar/Restaurant” offers excellent cuisine, in the most reasonable prices. The dishes are very special and the quality standards are indeed very high! 

Old port, Spetses

(+30) 22980 737-00

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