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Our personalized service and our dedication to satisfy each customer’s needs by providing high quality products, based on the latest fashion trends combined with our pricing policy has made us the top Men’s Fashion Store in Athens.

Located at the corner of  17 Kanari & Solonos St., RITZI Men’s Fashion presents a unique proposal of the modern garment for elegant men, at a two-storey, recently renovated , neoclassical building in the heart of Athens, the well-known Kolonaki area.

Respecting our customers and earning their trust for the quality of our products, constitute the two fundamental values for our company.

Our products include clothing, like coats, overcoats, jackets, heavy jackets, raincoats, suits, shirts, ties, sweaters, and also leather goods like bags, handbags, trunks, suitcases, wallets etc.

Our products, which include brands such as CERRUTI 1881, CORNELIANI, ANGELO ARDELLI, DIMATTIA, DUCAL’S, ZIMMERLI & PANICALE CASHMERE, guarantee the excellent quality of our products.

We will be honored to welcome you to our store to propose to you the best choices for your style and introduce you to the RITZI CLUB Membership with all its benefits.


Corner of 17 Kanari St. & Solonos St., Kolonaki, Athens

(+30) 210 36-07-455

Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
Luxury 5-star holidays in Zakynthos, at Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
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