Schatzi is a luxury cutting-edge Limited-Bespoke-Edition Leather & Sheepskin Clothing Brand based in SKG, Hellas and stocklisting around the world.


London, Paris, Vienne, Frankfurt, Munich, Moscow, Bucharest, Beirut, NYC, Montreal, Athens, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Volos, Mykonos, Herakleion, Rhodes, Larnaka, Limassol, Lefkosia, Pafos, Baku.

About Schatzi

Areti & Sophia sisters (both ancient Greek names meaning virtue & wisdom, respectively and have also been the main ingredients of the company's philosophy itself) are the names behind the Schatzi brand. For more that 2 decades now, Schatzi is committed to exploring the finest raw materials from leather tan yards even from the most remotely accessed places in Italy & Spain. Then, they personally exploit, always in a gentle manner, the natural leather & shealing skins in order to design & create in-house one-of-A-kind pieces for women. By using minimal lines and adding when necessary special little trims and details Schatzi delivers unique garments for dynamic and influential women from 25 to 65 years old who want to impress in every occasion day and nights.

Schatzi felt the need for an exclusive Avant-garde Leather & Sheepskin brand that would provide women with affordable indulgence & made-to-measure unique stylish outerwear. The company has only recently launched a brand new line, where they mix & match perfectly leather & shearling with other fabrics such as jersey, lace, crepe and knit creating unique beautiful lines for every type and size of woman.

Our strong industry expertise can be justified by and seen in some of the most exclusive & influential International boutiques.


Schatzi sisters monitor and make sure their exclusivity policy is respected at all times. We source the finest boutiques in every district around the world to partner with and exclusively stocklist our limited-bespoke-edition collections.

The values characterizing the Schatzi brand nowadays has always remained the same: finest-quality, elegance, exclusivity, bespoke one-of-A-kind collections and of course Areti (virtue) & Sophia (wisdom).

It is the tradition of hand-made clothing, which is preserved and carried over in time with pride and passion.

Address: 132 Leoforos Georgikis Scholis Str, Thermi 570 01, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 455-829