Scooterise Certificate of Excellence 2016The company offers Products and Services Based in Sustainable Transportation. Scooterise is comprised of two main categories.

1. Tourism Sector

The company creates and offers Touristic Products/ Services such as the
“Scooterise Experience Tours” which involves private and guided tours in various locations in Greece like the Acropolis area, the historical center, the Athenian Riviera but also Greek islands employing innovative electric vehicles.

All vehicles utilized for the tour services are eco-friendly, exciting and intuitive to ride. Counting numerous B2B collaborations with the most prestigious Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) in Greece and clients like ORACLE, ROCHE, General Motors and many more.
 Considering B2B collaborations, electric vehicles such as the Trikke Electric Vehicle, are used at warehouses and Greek island ports for cost effective transportation of staff, supplies and in some cases for security patrolling.

2. Wholesale Distribution

The company is the exclusive importer and distributor of many brands such as

Razor, GoalZero, Trikke, Pixelbags, Scoot and Ride

Customers are small and larger stores, such as chains of Toy Stores, bike shops, gift stores, bookstores, travel goods stores and extreme sports shops.


Address: 18 Chadzichristou St., 11742, Athens

Phone: (+30)216 700-32-77