Sweet shops

«Estia» Patisserie Bakery «Estia» Patisserie Bakery

Sixteen beautiful bakeries spread all over Thessaloniki welcome you every day with freshly baked artisanal bread and tasty creations

Dramis Dramis
(+30)23740 529-07

Throughout the years, Café - Patisserie DRAMIS has earmed acceptance of the people of Chalkidiki and its visitors with respect for what we do

«Agapitos» «Agapitos»
(+30)2310 225-950

Agapitos: The epitome of fine patisserie in Thessaloniki. For four generations we have been creating with the same drive, enthusiasm and the best ingredients

Chatzis Chatzis
(+30)2310 220-898

Since… 1908. We have set up, and for more than 100 years we are creating for you unique tastes and aromas of a different, “sweeter” era

Xasoulakis Pastry Shop Xasoulakis Pastry Shop
(+30)2510 223-814

In the pastry workshop “Chasoulakis” we keep on following the successful recipes of Antonis Chasoulakis, which you have loved, and also producing tasty goods

Bombolo Bombolo
(+30)2310 229-398

A delicious charming corner with authentic Italian ice cream, and handmade Belgian waffles

Konstantinidis pastry shops Konstantinidis pastry shops
(+30)210 771-17-44

It all started back in 1920 in Nigde, Asia Minor, when KONSTANTINIDIS pastry shops started to leave their mark in the pastry sector

Halvas Giannitson Halvas Giannitson
(+30)2310 222-260

Halvadopoiia Giannitson Georgios Papastavrou is the third generation of a family business that has been operating in producing halvah, tahini and loukoumia since 1924.

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