Sweet shops

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Lemonis bakery Lemonis bakery

When the time came, we became the second generation of bakers developing our father's bakery into a modern and growing chain of stores. We work diligently for what we love: our land and Greek diet

«Agapitos» «Agapitos»
(+30)2310 225-950

Agapitos: The epitome of fine patisserie in Thessaloniki. For four generations we have been creating with the same drive, enthusiasm and the best ingredients

Chatzis Chatzis
(+30)2310 220-898

Since… 1908. We have set up, and for more than 100 years we are creating for you unique tastes and aromas of a different, “sweeter” era

Xasoulakis Pastry Shop Xasoulakis Pastry Shop
(+30)2510 223-814

In the pastry workshop “Chasoulakis” we keep on following the successful recipes of Antonis Chasoulakis, which you have loved, and also producing tasty goods

Terkenlis Terkenlis
(+30)2310 271-148

“Terkenlis” patisseries were founded in 1948 and from that time on they are considered a point of reference in Thessaloniki

Bombolo Bombolo
(+30)2310 229-398

A delicious charming corner with authentic Italian ice cream, and handmade Belgian waffles

Temeteron Temeteron
(+30)2310 538-037

Taste delights of Greece, Pontus, Russia and France from fresh and natural ingredients with the precision and responsibility with respect to their clients, and always with a warm smile!

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