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Taxi Halkidiki

The continuously changing living conditions let us to create something new, different and innovative in the area of transportation. You can order us from all over the world! Taxi Halkidiki consisting of 10 new luxurious Mercedes cars (E Class), 3 Viano and one sprinter vehicle. We are a group of professional local taxi drivers with unparalleled knowledge and skills on local roads of Halkidiki. Our base is in Afytos, Halkidiki.

Imagine how hard will be to reach at the airport after a tiresome flight and even more to need to wait in a long queue to get a ride for your Hotel. Here is where our company comes for help. We can wait for you at the airport and cover all the transportations during your staying in Halkidiki. Also you can visit all the archaeological sites the scenically places and you can make all of your shopping quickly and relaxed without any type of stress.

We guarantee that you and your guests, customers and business partners will receive excellent and exclusive service

Address: Afytos, Halkidiki 630 77

Phone: (+30) 6977 227-596

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