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Tourmpoules Jewellery Gallery

Tourboules Jewelry Gallery

Ring Mangler (Tourmpoules) is the metallic measurement ring tool.

The love for the modern alternative jewelry brought the spark to create the art gallery “Tourmpoules”. An idea conceived in 2002. The Gallery hosts a wide selection of handcrafted jewelry exclusively designed by famous Greek talented designers from all around Greece.

Hidden treasures, crafted with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, alternative materials such as wood, paper and Plexiglas, awaiting to be discovered by you…every drawer of Tourmpoules gallery will travel you to new paths.

Since 2009 Jenny Kourouvani and Argiris Aggelopoulos accompany you and guide you at this challenge, creating unique jewelry for you. Their experience, knowledge and love for jewelry will assist you in choosing and creating a unique piece for you.

Bring your ideas, your feelings, your favorite items and create with us your personal jewelry or chose from our selection a piece that will reflect your personality.

Address: 161-163 Praksitelous St., 185-35, Piraeus, Athens

Phone: (+30) 210 429-74-64

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