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Here at Tserlidis Nuts we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of nuts and dried fruits that are 100% natural with no additives. Tserlidis Nuts has five stores in Thessaloniki and two stores in Athens and is expanding fast because our products are by our customers. Here in Greece, the warm and sunny days and cool nights work in harmony with the countries naturally rich soil to create the ideal growing conditions for nuts and fruits and here at Tserlidis Nuts we use our expertise and passion to perfectly season the raw nuts and fruits for a delicious flavor, ensuring the finest quality every step of the way – from trees to your heart.

We are not only distributors, our stores are little factories where you can watch every step of the process from raw product to the tasty mouthwatering snacks that are a natural source of protein, fiber, essential fats, antioxidants and minerals. Watching the whole process in our stores assures our customers of getting fresh and 100% natural products.

Our products range from nuts, mixed seeds bars, nutty chocolates and 100% sundried fruits with no added sugar, fresh coffee that have satisfied the most demanding customers. Our main values in Tserlidis Nuts are quality, customer service and staying committed to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Looking forward to seeing you in one of our stores to offer you what we do with passion.

5 stores in Thessaloniki & 2 in Athens

(+30) 2310 650-012


Tserlidis - Thessaloniki, seafront

31 Leoforos Nikis Str, Thessaloniki, 546 22

Tserlidis - Thessaloniki, Ambelokipi

76 Elefteriou Venizelou Str, Ambelokipi, 561 21, Thessaloniki

Tserlidis - Thessaloniki, Egnatia

70 Egnatias & Halkeon Str, Thessaloniki, 546 31

Tserlidis - Thessaloniki, Polihni

18 Ag. Panteleimonos Str, Polihni 565 33, Thessaloniki

Tserlidis - Thessaloniki, Vas. Olgas

121 Vas. Olgas Str, Thessaloniki 546 43

Tserlidis - Athens, Marousi

41 Vas. Sofias Str, Marousi, 151 24, Athens

Tserlidis - Athens, Kifissia

1 Kassaveti Str, Kifissia, 145 62, Athens

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