Aegean Melathron, Halkidiki
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Verita. True Luxury

For over 40 years our company has been a jeweller’s jeweller acting as the exclusive distributor of international houses in Greece and supplying stores throughout the country.

Verita. True Luxury stores reflect our passion for innovative and simultaneously top-quality jewels that has been the core of our philosophy since 1969.

Today, you can visit us in 5 luxurious locations to indulge in the creations of international houses of jewellery and watches. Among them you will also find our unique creations in gold and silver, set with precious and semiprecious stones.

Join us in a whole new world of luxury!

Address: 5 stores in Greece


Verita. True Luxury - Central store

Corner of Nikis & 3 Servias St., Sindagma, Athens
(+30) 210 324-83-91

Verita. True Luxury - Athens

3 Stadiou St., Stoa Kaliga, Sintagma, Athens
(+30) 210 324-83-90

Verita. True Luxury - Rhodes

39 Sokratous St., Old town Rhodes
(+30) 22410 371-50

Verita. True Luxury - Kos

9 Riga Fereou St., Kos
(+30) 22420 257-75

Verita. True Luxury - Corfu

34 Evg. Voulgareos St., Corfu