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Address: Kavala, Makedonia

Phone: (+30)2510 831-388


A “Blue city” with crystal-clear coasts, world heritage monuments, dreamy views, Mediterranean cuisine, relaxed walks, nearby getaways to the islands, picturesque villages and mountains. Built amphitheatrically along the length of the sea, at the crossroads of East and West, Kavala invites you to discover it …

A blue city, with crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, huge coastlines and organised or unexplored shores, with tavernas and sporting activities, unexpectedly beautiful spots and established values. It’s an open secret that the beaches of Kavala have it all!

An active town, which lives to the rhythms of a megacity with a completely relaxed attitude towards every moment!

A town that is alive, which lives and breathes to the rhythms of its long history, its present and its future as the most developed urban centre in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. With a very large port and a state-of-the-art marina, it is one of the most important fishing centres of Greece.

Below its port – an ideal destination for a cruise Kavala lives to the rhythms of the market and work. However, as the day goes by, a sweet air of relaxation gradually starts to prevail. It spreads out to the open-air cafes and the tavernas serving ouzo and mezes, is reflected in the peninsula of Panagia, with the Fortress and the Old Town, and can be sensed during brief walks to the pier, where the tourist boats moor.

In its shops, in the narrow lanes around Agios Nikolaos, next to the central square, where the shops still emit the aroma of another era. Large, modern department stores can still be found on the other side, in Omonia and Venizelou Streets. These two markets are “united” by the imposing building of the Municipal Market, where you can do all your daily shopping, particularly food.

Kavala is gradually revealed in its different districts, in Ai-Yiannis, the district at the heart of the town, with the old mansions and church of the same name. In Kyprou St, with its wonderful neoclassical buildings. But in the other districts - Kipoupoli, Vyronas, Potamoudia, Profitis Elias, Kallithea. All have beautiful small houses with courtyards, gardens and tiled roofs.

But… as you take your walk, don’t rush. Because somewhere there in the centre, in the narrow lanes and neighbourhoods of the town, the shops or the port, in unexpected places, they will offer you a glass of ouzo with meze or the dessert of your choice. And you will have the chance to get to know the residents of a real Greek town - a town that is beautiful and hospitable!