Avantis Suites Hotel

"Avantis Suites" Hotel one of the most prominent hotels in Evia is a property belonging to a family whose origin is from Eretria. This family has founded and has run the "Avantis Suites" Hotel.

George Kalfas, the current owner and this family realized the uniqueness of the resort very early.
Serenity, tranquility and above all relaxation are three features that attract people.

The Hotel was built and opened for the first time in 2004 but its expansion was completed in 2009 acquiring its present style.
The Hotel first started as a three star Hotel but after the completion of this expansion it became one of the four star Hotels in Evia.
The Hotel took its name "Avantis Suites Hotel" Hotel from the ancient name of the inhabitants of the island of Evia.

Avantes was the Greek prehistoric tribe that came from the region of Thrace. This tribe having its King Avanta (from whom they took their name) went down the Central Greece. At the beginning they scattered in Peloponese. Later they moved to present Evia especially in the area of Eretria where they settled permanently. At that time Evia took the name "Avantis" and their inhabitants were "Avantes". Later the island had the fame that it was an area which breeds cattle well ("EF" which means well and "Vous" meaning cattle in Ancient Greek). Finally, it took its present name Evia.
"Avantas" in the Ancient Greek language means a firm courageous person who never retreats in the battle. Nowadays, Mr Kalfa's family fights year after year in a stubborn way in order to make the resort one of the best Hotels in Eretria. Moreover, this resort is noticeable as it concerns the high quality of service to its guests.

Address: Eretria, Evia

Phone: (+30) 2290 640-04

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