Ski centers

3-5 Pigadia 3-5 Pigadia

Located in the western part of Mount Vermion, at an altitude of 1430 - 2005 m above sea level, 110 km from Thessaloniki and 17 km from Naoussa

Vasilitsa Vasilitsa

Vasilitsa - embodied in the reality of the dream of people who are members of the club skiers Grevena, who believed and achieved their goal!

Kemaktsalan Kemaktsalan

Kemaktsalan – well-equipped ski center, located at an altitude of 2,524 meters, well above the location of the other ski centers in Greece

Parnassos Parnassos

Ski resorts of Parnassos over the years are the best in Greece. It is a favorite meeting place for prominent Greek leaders

Menalo Menalo

Mainalo Ski Center is located in the heart of the Peloponnese, on the Mount of Mainalo, which received international acclaim for its natural

Pilio Pilio

Ski Center Pilio is located at the top of Agriolevkes and relates to the field of Magnesia. Every year there are coming fans

Falakro Falakro

Located at an altitude of 1720 m, in Agio Pneuma (the region of Drama). This well-organized ski center were located north of

Karakoli Karakoli

Located in 1.5 km from Metsovo. There are three routes with a total length of about 2.2 km and a lift. There are three routes with a total length

Vigla - Pisoderi Vigla - Pisoderi

At 19 km from the town of Florina, at an altitude of 1600-1900 m is one of the best ski centers in Greece - Vigla-Pisoderi that

Lailas Lailas

In the forest, dominated by beech and pine trees, at an altitude of 1600 m is a ski center Lailas. It is well lit at night time road

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