Belarus Consulate Opens in Thessaloniki

Belarus Consulate in Thessaloniki

Mr. Boris Mouzenidis received an accreditation document as the Honorary Consul of Belarus at the Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, on Wednesday, October 19th. Mr. Mouzenidis, president of the Mouzenidis Group, formally welcomed high-level guests who represented the Belarus Foreign Ministry, who were there to bestow accreditation documents to Mr. Mouzenidis formally inaugurating him as the Honorary Consul.

In prepared remarks, Mr. Mouzenidis said that "the function of the Honorary Consul certifies the desire to strengthen bilateral relations between Greece and Belarus and marks the first time a consular office has been set up in Thessaloniki." He thanked the Ministries of Greece and Belarus for their confidence in him.

Mr. Evgeni Vorobiof, Director of the Europe of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, was on hand and described the opening of an honorary consulate of Belarus in Thessaloniki as an important step in the relations between the two nations and assured that the Consulate would receive complete support from the government of Belarus.

Mrs. Kollias Tsarouha, Secretary for Home Affairs and Administrative Reform (Macedonia - Thrace), in her greeting pointed to the opportunity created for better communication between the two peoples now that there is a consular presence in Belarus in Greece. She also assured listeners of the support of the Greek government in these efforts, describing Mr. Mouzenidis as "one of the people who create growth hope" in the country.

Mr. Apostolos Tsitsikostas, Director of the Region of Central Madedonia, said that "Mr. Mouzenidis has contributed greatly to the GDP of the region and all of Greece," even giving him credit for his part in the forthcoming signing of a collaboration agreement between the Central Macedonia Region and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Consulate of Belarus in Thessaloniki Consulate of Belarus in Thessaloniki Consulate of Belarus in Thessaloniki

Attendees at the event include the Belarus ambassador to Bulgaria Mr. Vladimir Voronkevich, Thessaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris, President of the Agency for Tourism in Thessaloniki Ms. Voula Patoulidou, tourism Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. S. Pegas, the Head of PYT Macedonia Mr. P. Trihas, in addition to representatives of local authorities from across North Greece, and other dignitaries.

Earlier, there was a presentation of the economic environment and investment opportunities in Belarus to Greek businessmen from Mr. Roman Soboleva, Director of the Economic Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.