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East Macedonia and Thrace: a New Challenge for the Mouzenidis Group

MITT 2017

Thessaloniki, 21 March 2017 - East Macedonia and Thrace: a New Challenge for the Mouzenidis Group.

Mr. Boris Mouzenidis, president of the Mouzenidis Group, Mr. Alexandros Tsantekidis, director of Mouzenidis Travel Moscow, and Mr. George Masmanidis, Director of Mouzenidis Travel Greece, during the 2017 MITT Tourism Fair in Moscow, where they made many fruitful and constructive contacts with local officials including representatives of the administrative region and many of its local mayors.

Also participating was the Director of the Greek Tourism Organization’s (EOT in Greek) representative to Russia, Mr. Polycarp Efstathiou, also fresh from Moscow’s MITT Tourism Fair, where the Mouzenidis Group had its own booth under the umbrella of EOT’s pavilion.

The Mouzenidis Group has repeatedly expressed its intention to open new, lesser known Greek tourist destinations, but also of equal interest to Russian tourists.

In a few months the administrative region East Macedonia and Thrace will be instantly more accessible with the launch of flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the region’s chief transportation hub, Kavala, via Ellinair, the Mouzenidis Group’s airline.

During the MITT tourism fair in Russian, discussions and reviews took place concerning linking population centers of the administrative region of East Macedonia and Thrace with cities abroad, particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe, where the Mouzenidis Group already has a commercial presence.

Representatives of the administrative region expressed satisfaction with the Mouzenidis Group’s plans to open the region to wider tourist activity, and made it known that they would work together to promote the tourism product of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Mr. Alexandros Tsantekidis, director of Mouzenidis Travel Moscow, said that “the islands of Thassos and Samothrace, and Kavala-ancient Philippi were of particular interest to potential Russian tourists. But,” he added, “there are other places of outstanding natural beauty and cultural-religious wealth in the region, which we want our customers to know about.”

It is a good bet that the introduction of direct Ellinair flights will put the East Macedonia and Thrace on the Greek tourist map, with many positive implications for the development and economy of the region.