Ellinair Springs Into Spring With New Flights, Awards, Training Center

Ellinair- Award

Thessaloniki, March 7, 2017 – Spring brings optimism for Greek tourism and the Mouzenidis Group.

Ellinair, the Mouzenidis Group Airline, in response to increased tourism rental demand in Greece, as reflected by the rise in bookings and the Group's participation in tourism exhibitions abroad for 2017, has announced new routes and the beefing up of existing routes. Here are the changes:

There will be new direct flights to / from Thessaloniki-Mykonos every Monday and Friday from July 7, 2017 until September 8, 2017. Other direct flights include:

Rhodes - Moscow May 28-Oct. 10

Corfu - Tallinn May 29-Oct. 2

Kavala - St. St. Petersburg June 5-Oct. 9

Kavala - Moscow May 26-Oct.6

Thessaloniki - Bucharest June 13-Sept. 26

Thessaloniki - Cluj / Napoca June 15-Sept.Sept.29

Heraklion - Bucharest June 13-Sept26

Heraklion -Tyflida June 16-Sept.29

Heraklion - Mineralnye Vody May 29- Oct. 2

Heraklion - Riga May 3- Oct. 29

Ellinair is also the proud recipient of two awards won by the company in Greece and abroad:

At the recent 17th Airline Marketing Workshop organized by the Athens International Airport, rewarding the airlines with the most successful growth path, Ellinair won the "new entrant with the best performance in passenger flights scheduled” award.

The International Airport "Seremetrievo" in Moscow presented Ellinair, during the "SVO Awards 2016 the "most dynamically growing company award."

Finally, Ellinair has opened an accredited training center for pilots and cabin crew of civil aircraft in Thessaloniki. Classes are taught by experience instructors and flight attendants, and students, after completing the program, acquire an internationally recognized diploma.