Ellinair's Maiden Cologne-Thessaloniki Flight Earns Water Salute

Ellinair's Maiden Cologne-Thessaloniki Flight Earns Water SaluteA ceremonial "water salute" occurs on special occasions at airports, such as the retirement of a pilot, the arrival or departure of a dignitary, the first or last flight of an airline to an airport, or the first or last flight of a particular aircraft.

Ellinair, the aviation arm of the Mouzenidis Group, was honored in just such a way on the occasion of Ellinair's maiden flight from Cologne to Thessaloniki on Saturday, April 8, when Cologne airport workers engineered the lining up of fire trucks perpendicular to the aircraft, sending plumes of water over the plane as it taxied underneath, creating an arch. It is similar to a bridal party walking under a wedding arch or a saber arch during a military wedding.

Present at the occasion were Mr. Stavros Daliakas, commercial director of Ellinair, Mr. Anastasios Kessidis, form Ellinair's Germany headquarters, and Ms. Maria Sideroglou, Chairperson of Ellinair's German division.

Two days earlier, on April 6, a presentation at the Cologne airport was given by Ms. Sideroglou to 70 German-based tour operators where great interest was expressed for the products and services of the Mouzenides Group. The event featured raffles with prizes of trips to Greece which were enthusiastically received by the participants.

Ellinair's new flight schedule to/from Germany can be found on its website: http://en.ellinair.com/