Historical moment as Ellinair Transfers the Holy Relics of Saint Helen

May 15, 2017 - A historic moment not only for the Mouzenidis Group but also for the whole of Greece is the transfer of the holy relics of "Isapostolos (equal to the Apostles)" Saint Helen, mother of Constantine the Great, and part of the True Cross from Venice to Athens by an Ellinair aircraft yesterday, Sunday, May 14th.

Historical moment as Ellinair Transfers the Holy Relics of Saint HelenHistorical moment as Ellinair Transfers the Holy Relics of Saint Helen Historical moment as Ellinair Transfers the Holy Relics of Saint Helen

With great care, Ellinair and the Apostolic Ministry of the Church of Greece, who had taken the initiative for the coming of the relics, collaborated to carry out this demanding organizational and technical venture. Thus, at 6.30 am on Sunday, Ellinair's retrofitted Airbus 319 was launched from Thessaloniki to Venice with a stopover in Athens, where representatives of the Church, journalists and the other guests were boarded. Head of mission of the Mouzenides Group, President Boris Mouzenidis, and Ellinair President Mr. Ioannis Mouzenidis were accompanied by Ellinair Commercial Director Mr. S. Daliakas, Director of Mouzenidis Travel Mr. G. Masmanidis, and other executives of the Group.

The first stop in Venice was the visit to and a service at the Orthodox Church of St. George. Subsequently, the Greek mission headed to St. Mark's Cathedral, where the holy relics of Saint Helen were delivered by the Roman Catholic clerics to representatives of the Greek Church with brilliant pomp and ceremony. From St. Mark's Church began a grand liturgical procession, accompanied by the historic Venetian band, TESSERA. Its passage literally stopped visitors to the city in their tracks. The relics of Saint Helen then took their place in the specially designed area of ​​Ellinair's airplane for its flight, a trip of unique images and emotions for all passengers.

At the airport of Athens, the relics of St. Helen were received on the tarmac by the Eminent Metropolitan of Mesogaias and Lavreotikis, Nikolaos, and the Minister of National Defense Mr. P. Katenos. The final destination was the Church of Agia Varvara in Egaleo, Attica, where members of the Mouzenidis Group mission attended the doxology which was also attended by Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Messrs. Ieronymos II and the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

In his official speech, the Director of the Apostolic Ministry, Bishop Fanari Agathangelos, thanked "the pious family of Mr. Boris Mouzenidis who provided an Ellinair aircraft for the removal of the sacred heirlooms."

Ellinair's President, Mr. Ioannis Mouzenidis, said: "It is a tremendous honor for Ellinair, to participate in such an important moment for Hellenism. We also call upon all Greek believers to come to the Holy Temple of Saint Barbara to venerate the holy relics of Saint Helen, a person who is a reference point for all Christendom."