Successful 1st Fur Fashion Show at Mouzenidis Group’s Enigma Mall

1st Fur Fashion Show at Enigma Mall

Thessaloniki June 29 2017 - Special events at Enigma Mall, the new project of the Mouzenidis Group in Halkidiki, continue apace. After the art auction and the Greek evening, the 1st Greek Furs Fashion Show took place on Monday June 26th in the big covered multi-center event of the shopping center.

With the opening of Enigma Mall the Mouzenidis Group has offered its Halkidiki vacationers the opportunity to enjoy a high-end fashion show where Kastoria's top fur manufacturers present their latest creations, as well as the opportunity to shop for fur products and accessories of their choice. The quality of Greek fur and the specialization of Kastoria furs have an international reputation. That is why there is a lot of interest from Northern European tourists in buying furs when they visit Greece.

The fur enterprises and fur accessories that participated in the 1st Greek Furs Fashion Show include Aris Furs - By Lazaros - Casiani - Chionos - DiCara - Dios - Ego Group - EFD Papadopoulos - Emfasi Pelle - Estel - Finezza - Innov - Makis Roussoulis - Manzari - Naomi - Obsession - PT Furs Artists Elena - Scandinavia Furs - Trassias - Vitaniotis.

The brand new Enigma Mall at Nea Moudania, Halkidiki is a high-end shopping center with 37 stores, employing 200 staff from the region. It covers all the needs of a tourist, as well as hosting multipurpose events, offering a currency exchange, Restaurant - Café, playground , Pparking and outdoor relaxation areas.

It is the first and only Shopping Center in Greece that hosts, on a permanent basis, sculptures of well-known Greek and foreign artists. The partnering of the Mouzenidis Group with the Myrò Antiques House art and auction house allows visitors to not only admire the art work, but to purchase them in an open auction environment as well.