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Hellenic Duty Free Shops Hellenic Duty Free Shops
(+30)210 62-69-400

HELLENIC DUTY FREE SHOPS provide a wide variety of authentic, famous, modern products, at competitive prices. Find a full collection of perfumes & cosmetics of well known brands, clothing, accessories, watches, jewelry

Paris Furs Paris Furs
(+30)26610 267-33

In Paris Furs store you will find fur garments for all kind of occasions, but also you will find fur accessories, which are perfectly combined with night dresses

Trifona Voula Trifona Voula
(+30)26610 225-74

In our store you will find everything from embroidery, curtains to tablecloths and more to beautifully decorate the interior of your house

Katerina's Greek Sandals Katerina's Greek Sandals

Our workshop manufactures Greek leather sandals since 1958. We choose the highest quality natural leather and with the art of cutting and our Greek passion you get the best sandals

Ergochiron Ergochiron
(+30)26610 255-52

Here where tradition meets art you will find a big variety of handiwork bed linen, made with love

«To paradosiako» «To paradosiako»
(+30)26610 382-77

In our store you will find all the products that can offer the nature of Corfu

Thallo jewelry Thallo jewelry
(+30)22670 427-86

Our philosophy is to create personalized jewels of high quality in affordable prices. We offer the chance to our customers to design their own unique and personalized, jewelry, wedding wreaths and decorative items

«ATHINEOS» souvenir «ATHINEOS» souvenir
(+30)26610 200-29

A lovely little gift shop in the old town of Corfu. For your family and friends choose from many souvenirs, ceramic, jewelry, t-shirts, magnets and statues

Lapel Lapel
(+30)210 338-80-66

With the right combinations Lapel leather coats can suit all differnet looks from the most sporty to the very official. Leather coats that "speak" while wearing them and can be sewed as you wish

Church Goods «Ou Thomi» Church Goods «Ou Thomi»
(+30)26610 264-70

Near the south central door of the church, on Heroes' Cypriot struggle Square № 18 there is a shop which sells traditional icons and other goods of Christian worship (lamps, candles, rosary, etc.)

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