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A staunch and silent witness to the long and colourful history of this land, the well preserved Venetian Castle commands pride of place at the top of the hill, holding sway over the entire town. The view from the ramparts of this sturdy medieval fortress  is quite breathtaking, encompassing as it does a much more contemporary feat of engineering brilliance in the Corinthian gulf, the Bridge of Rio-Antirio; its majestic lines a triumph of aesthetics. Your vantage point also makes for quite a romantic mood, picking out the colourful yachts and sailing boats on the sea below.

The Venetian castle is just the beginning of your full acquaintance with the town.  As you survey the scene around you, the Venetian towers, the Nautical Lighthouse, Fetihie Mosque and the statues of the freedom fighters G. Anemoyiannis and Miguel de Cervantes are bound to catch your eye.

Ascending from the Holy Metropolitan Temple of St. Demetrios, you will see the famous 1914 town clock. Your path will take you to Stenopazaro, which is teeming with life, and Botsareika, where the impressive Botsaris Tower hosts a permanent exhibition on the Sea Battle of Nafpaktos. The locals actually take to the water to mark its anniversary with a magnificent reenactment as part of a grand-scale celebration. On your tour you should also visit Papaharalabios Library, Farmakis Museum and then take a well-earned sip of fresh mountain waters from the Fountain of Love.

Ano Hora, where the celebration of Chestnut and Tsipouro is held every year, Platanos with its interesting Folklore museum, Kato Hora, Terpsithea, Elatou, and Ampelakiotissa are just a few of them waiting to be discovered.

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