Thessaloniki hotels

Rotonda Hotel Rotonda Hotel
(+30)2310 517-121

The hotel is characterized by simplicity and consistency of style and quality service. It was restored in 2009

Porto Palace Hotel Porto Palace Hotel
(+30)2310 504-504

One of the biggest star deluxe hotels in Thessaloniki. It opened in late 2005, after a meticulous restoration of a historic building in 1913

Queen Olga Hotel Queen Olga Hotel
(+30)2310 824-621

Built in the late 1960's and designed by artists in the style of the era, Thessaloniki Hotel Queen Olga hotel has become famous for the unique service it offers

Aigli Hotel Aigli Hotel
(+30)23920 222-43

Open all year round, the hotel is at a distance of only 7 Km from MACEDONIA international Airport and 16 Km from the center of Thessaloniki

Aegeon Hotel Aegeon Hotel
(+30)2310 522-921

With a rich history of 50 years, deep knowledge of the concept of “hospitality” and easy access and transportation offers the cozy atmosphere and friendly service you need to feel at home

Nea Metropolis Hotel Nea Metropolis Hotel
(+30)2310 530-363

The neo-classical building preserves the elements of architecture which were dominant during its construction period, as well as its impressive lively in the internal and external area, hotel thesaloniki Nea Metropolis has spacious rooms and large corridors

Ambassador Hotel Ambassador Hotel
(+30)23920 212-00

A small hotel in the suburb of Thessaloniki. Located near the international airport "Macedonia" and the shopping center "Mediterranean Cosmos"

Olympia Hotel Olympia Hotel
(+30)2310 366-466

Clean lines and modern design elements of the situation create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Some rooms offer view of the ancient Roman Agora

Vergina Hotel Vergina Hotel
(+30)2310 516-021

In the heart of Thessaloniki city, with easy access and private parking, our friendly staff welcome you with a smile for a comfortable, pleasant and affordable accommodation

Egnatia Palace Egnatia Palace
(+30)2310 222-900

Whatever your reason of stay in Thessaloniki is, either recreation or business trip, you will find out that at Egnatia Palace, we know what hospitality and service mean

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